The arrival of ballet dancers in Stavropol is always a bright event of the cultural life of citizens. A visit to the ballet gives extremely warm emotions and unforgettable feelings. Adults and children come to “touch” the high art and enjoy the skill of professionals.

The ballet soloist Mikhailov Mikhail gave an exclusive interview to the Stavropol Palace of Culture and Sports.


Tell me, Mikhail Nikolayevich, how do people regard ballet in modern Russia? How do young people perceive this art?

Mikhail Mikhailov: Of course, a larger number of ballet connoisseurs are an adult generation that was raised in the Soviet era. I can not say that young people do not attend ballet, lately I often see in the hall young people who are interested in art. In the 90s, the interest in ballet faded a little, but now there is a rapid revival, and the ballet becomes attended. After the performances, we often go out to the audience, and I observe a large number of grateful young people, saturated with a love of high art.

It should be noted that today many children have come to the Palace to ballet, from which parents have instilled a love of art since childhood.

Mikhail Mikhailov:Yes, children can not be fooled. Children are the most sincere spectators who are truly happy or afraid of what is happening on the stage. If I am not mistaken, then in Taganrog, the little girl presented us with two drawings, which was very nice. For children, a performance is a small celebration, one of the highlights in life, where they come smart and happy. Therefore, artists want to give them the fairy tale they are counting on.


Where do you tour and the public of which country do you especially remember?

Mikhail Mikhailov:We have the whole of Europe. In January, we returned from America. Often we are in the countries of the Near Abroad. Everywhere the viewer is different. Viewers of any country are very respectful of the Russian school of ballet, although many states also have strong teams. Most importantly, everywhere the public receives Russian ballet artists rosy and warm. We share our positive emotions with the audience, which, in turn, give us theirs. Because of this, there is a desire to live on the stage, dance, create!
You are not the first time in Stavropol. How do you like the city and the Stavropol public?

Михаил Михайлов: The warmth of the reception of the Stavropol audience above all praise! When you give emotions to the hall, they come back twice, which invigorates the body and soul, and you want to completely surrender to the viewer, who always receives us warmly.

Thank you, very nice to hear such feedback. At the Stavropol Palace of Culture and Sports will soon be an anniversary, the 30th anniversary of its foundation, what would you wish to the Palace and the city as a whole?

Михаил Михайлов:First of all, prosperity! Creative success and public recognition! So that all desires come true as if by a wave of a magic wand. Thank you to the viewer and, of course, to all the inhabitants of the city of happiness and health!

Thanks you! Have a good evening and a lot of positive emotions. See you again!